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2 Egg day!

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Had my first 2 egg day today and am very excited. Daisy had been laying for months but one of my 2 younger, newer chickens Snowdrop, had been squatting and had a big red comb for a week or so now. Anyhow went out to the eglu this morning and there were 2! A big one in the nesting box (Daisys) and a small one (not much more then 40g) on the roosting bars! Was very excited! Told everyone at work (they didn't share my joy quite as much!) anyhow know you guys will understand! Looking forward to my first 3 egg day now!

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Thanks for all the congratulations! I shall pass them onto Snowdrop! What a clever girl. She had lots of grapes as a treat to celebrate!


They have been making a lot of noise today - more then usual, all 3 of them. I think its the hot topic of the day and they can't stop chatting about it!


Snowdrop stayed out in the dark in the run until i got home from work which is unusual at this time of year as it was dark(i think she was waiting for more congratulations) and i swear her chest was so puffed up with pride she had a job getting through the eglu door! Bless. Daisy gave her a shove though! :lol:

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