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Nocturnal Chooks

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Does anyone else have this same problem.


With the evenings drawing in so much sooner we often shut the girls up quite late at night. Never been a problem until the other day as the laydees are always snoozing away.


It's dark at about 5pm but often we don't shut them up until 10pm or later just as we're going to bed sometimes :oops:


The other night some people were walking down the path as we opened the back door and Molly charged out and barked at them. Just as I closed the run door two chickens came trotting out of the Eglu and chuntered in their happy way but then didn't go back in! It was pitch black but we have outside lights that come on when we go out.


They did the same last night but without Molly needing to bark first to "wake" them up.


Do your chooks do this and have they had enough sleep (in the summer they'd have about 5-6 hours) so is this why they are awake if I shut them up so late!


I have images of two rather dopey chickens when I get up in the morning falling over half asleep!




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My lot always come out at night if their door is open and the security light comes on. They have a scratch about for 5 minutes, realise that it's not breakfast time and go back to bed!

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Mine do that sometimes Andrew. Especially if they hadn't seen me in the hour or so before they go to bed. One of mine is very easily disturbed and gets up for a quick drink, another follows and then if I wait a bit, eventually Kath emerges! I always feel she is rubbing her eyes and complaining about having to get up! 'What's all the fuss? Surely it's not that time already?' :wink:

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Annoyingly Andrew, ours tuck themselves up with the door ajar when it gets dusk, and they stay that way until first light.



Always one isn't there :roll::wink:

Gosh mine too :shock: litttle horrors. They snuggle up for the night and sound annoyed if you so much as open the egg port, peep in and shut the front door . :roll:


On the other hand if you go out when they have just gone to bed, they come running over for food. :roll:


P.S. I went crazy for a minute and forgot Molly was a dog and not guard chicken baaarking at intruders, boc boc boc. :twisted::lol:

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Doris comes running out when the outside light comes on and she hears me trudging across the garden. Last night she legged it out of the run door when I opened it to refill the water container and started pecking the grass like it was completely normal to roam around in the half-dark :roll: I had to pick her up and put her back in the eglu.


Gwen just stays in the eglu and gives me a few hello clucks when I open the eggport and then a few irritated clucks if I leave it open for too long :roll:

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Since I got the new girls Skye has always perched outside the eglu long after the others have gone in and I have to go and lift her in! BUT now the rest have cottoned on to this and every night for about a week I've had from one to all five snuggled up outside! Daft chickens - when they could be inside a cozy eglu!

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