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Shooting in Sheffield....

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Yikes :shock:

I didn't see either shootings. I was going to reply and the battery ran out on my laptop then we went shopping in Leeds.

I did multimap on the postcode and it looks scarily near my house, but it isn't actually there luckily.

I think it may be the pub we sometimes drive past saying, "wow, I'd never go there" as it looks so dodgey, :shock: but not actually sure. :?

There was a drive by shooting in Walkley once :shock: and that was right near where I was living at the time. Overall Sheffield is pretty safe though.


One day we will move away from downtown Hillsborough to the country and have loads of chickens running round fields :D

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In a few years we would like to buy land and build a modern house with wind turbines and solar panels and have 1-2 fields with chickens (batteries included). NOT as big as Lesley's though, and with less animals :wink:

We might branch out into peacocks as they're really cool 8)


OH does not know how many chickens I've planned for :shock::lol:

and is not yet convinced about owning a pony :?:lol:

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