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Silent Auction for BHWT in time for Christmas

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Once again, the wonderfully talented embroiderer Helen Drewitt has very generously sent me another of her superb pieces.





For those of you who weren't around last time we did this back in the summer, here are the rules:



If you would like to bid for this, please feel free to pm me with your offer. If it is too low, I will get back and let you know. You can then choose to increase your bid, or drop out.


All proceeds will go to the BHWT. I will send the picture to the winning bidder after the bids are closed on Saturday 9th December at midnight. This means that if you are buying it for a Christmas present for someone, you will have it well in advance.


Good luck everybody! 8)

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I know it's a Silent Auction, but the silent bit only refers to the amount being bid :lol: .


We need more bidders to make it fun :wink:


I've been outbid already by someone who is obviously remaining very silent :wink: - unless it's Martin? but if I remember from the last auction he was bidding in pennies, and not pounds, from his money box :lol: Come on Martin - dig deeper :lol:


I'm off to bid again............

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Cheers all... the bids are starting to come in..... this would make a fantastic xmas pressie....... the highest bidder, whose bid was the first to come to me, has just been knocked off the top..... so they will be feeling pretty :x

Come on anybody else... Dan? Debs would like this I'm sure..... :wink:

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