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dropped scone disaster

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for no particular reason i decided to make dropped scones tonight..


it was a disaster! I used to be able to make them - but i've obviously forgotten summat importnat!


no probs with the batter - and I haven't got a griddle - but it always used to work in a frying pan..


anyway - all I did was burn the outsides - leaving the insides gooey...


presumably - pan too hot - but any tips for knowing if the pan is too hot or not - or any other tips???



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LSH is a dab hand at pancakes and the like. He always drops a little bit of batter onto the pan. If it sizzles and burns up immediately, the pan's too hot. If it hasn't done anything after half an hour, it's not hot enough :lol: ! Defintely sounds like your pan was too hot. I do them in a frying pan too.


I've just tried again - leaving the gas on its lowest setting - they've come out fine!! thanks Kate..




4oz SR flour

2oz castor sugar

pinch salt

1 egg

4 tbs milk

(I add dash of vanilla essence - some add lemon essence)


whizz it all up in mixer


drop onto pan (not too hot!!) in spoonfulls...



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mmm I've never made drop scones but when I get my new Aga/Rayburn it'll be one of the first things I make because I've seen them done in the demos and it looks fun :D .

Unfortunately the Aga/Rayburn purchase is probably still a little way off - despite the fund having boosted by the wedding pressies :wink: - because we want to try and do things as ecologically as possible so Hubby is researching Aga's latest product in development - an Aga that runs on bio pellets/wood pellets as this will be carbon neutral :)

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