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*drips onto forum*

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Typical lol


Weve just had a massive storm here, looked outside, and the

(white duck)(white duck)GNRGNR(Bluebelle)


cover had blown off, so I legged it outside in my nighty to try and sort it out, kinda did a half job, and they now have a dry area. (I was battling with heavy rain, strong wind, and thunder / lightening over my head).


Thing is im now absolutly soaked to the bone, (the rain hurt it was so heavy)


What makes it even more annoying, is that as soon as I stepped back inside... the stupid rain stopped




*needs tea*

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Poor Kaz, have some tea and chocolate cake.


Went outside in dressing-gown, coat and walking boots wishing I had indoor pets :(

I'm sure the raspberry plant only attacks me and covers me in water when it's raining.

They were climbing all over each other desperate to be let out from their dry run. :roll:


Are you sure they're not ducks Eglutine? :? I worry about their muddy little feet. The saddest thing is when they're huddled up at night still slightly soggy and bedraggled. :roll:

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Thing is im now absolutly soaked to the bone, (the rain hurt it was so heavy)

*needs tea*


Well Kaz, I would have brought you a cuppa earlier, but was in the same battle with the elements myself.


11.10 am. In charge of son's market stall while he had a loo break. Absolute torrents (a cloudburst of rain, not the loo break :shock::oops: ) descended without any warning droplets, so I was going frantic trying to cover his stock with sheeting, fix the flapping (!) roof, attend to 2 customers & answer questions about did I have some hosepipe to clear the rain off another stall (sorry, can't help just now :roll::roll::twisted: ) whilst a gale blew around the market place, sending the sheets of rain in all directions.

Son arrived, got completely soaked trying to cover remaining stock which we'd thought was under cover, but wasn't.

Daughter arrived unexpetedly, having been given her lunchbreak at 11, despite having started at 9 & working until 6.

Amidst the chaos, we decided to grab a coffee together & a bite to eat for her. Arrived drenched at full coffee shop, no seats, bought her a take away lunch & went back in the rain & decided carry on to work.

Walked in the door looking like a drowned rat!

Still worse things happen at sea.

But I'm ready for that cuppa now, here we go everyone. I've put the clothes to dry & made the hot water bottles too. :)

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