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The perfect 2007 calendar

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The Hubby & girls went Christmas shopping last weekend (for me!) & when they came back they mentioned that they were going to get me a 2007 Johnny Depp calendar.

I was glad they didn't,because lovely as Johnny Depp is, I would prefer a bit of variety through the year...............


My perfect 2007 calendar would be something like this -


Sean Bean

Viggo Mortensen (Looking long haired & grubby as Aragorn)

Johnny Depp

Anthony Kiedis

Keanu Reeves

Daniel Craig (pref blue trunks James Bond beach pose)

Billy Bob Thornton

Michael Hutchence

Albert (winner of make me a supermodel)

Owen Wilson

Eric Bana

Naveen Andrews


So come on.....who would you want to look at every day for a month?

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So many hunks, so few months..... :lol:




January: Richard Armitage (Sir Guy of Gisbourne in the BBC's Robin Hood)


Febuary: Brendan Shanahan (NHL player to be found HERE)


March: Ben love-smiley-041.gif from the x factor


April: Seann William Scott


May: Mathew Perry


June: Josh Holloway ('Sawyer' in Lost)


July: Dermot O'Leary


August: Viggo Mortenson (in rough and ready Aragorn mode!)


September: Orlando Bloom (but only in full 'Pirates of the Caribbean' garb)


October: Some gardener guy from channel 4 whos name escapes me right now... :roll:


November: Phillip Schofield


December: Who else but the lurvely David......



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Will have to have a think about this one, but just wanted to say I missed the last half of Make Me a Supermodel and I am so pleased to see from Sarah's post that Albert won.


What a lovely man he was, and to think he almost left at the begining.


He's be in my calendar for sure.

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No, try Yul Brynner, Patrick Stewart, Freddie, Ben (Sexy Beast) Kingsley....


A girl after my own heart :)


you need to add mr connery, and Billy Zane too... oh and Arnold wassis name the Mummy from "the Mummy"







he's quite a dish!



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Don;t be silly, Kate - no-one is more gorgeous than David...... :lol::lol:


As I thought then Shona :wink:

I still prefer George Clooney myself though, hair and all :)

Although thinking of baldies would Anthony Edwards (I think that was his name, but I'd best check that) who was Dr Mark Green in ER with George Clooney qualify? he had hair but not very much of it, and I always thought he was pretty darned gorgeous myself. I wouldn't turn him down if he knocked on my front door and offerred me a foot rub :wink:8)

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