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Animal Travel Harness (eg dogs in car)

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Just thought I would share with you all as know a lot of us have dogs and other animals (as well as chickens!) and as I am sure you know its a legal requirement to secure your dog in the car.


I have been looking for a good safety travel harness for my dog and at a dog show on Sunday came across a lady who has started a business selling them - they are a really high standard. She developed it after having an accident in her car with her dog.


They are really great and she works closely with the RSPCA, she will also soon have a harness for horses/ponies.


The harness can then be used with your lead for walking.


If interested give her a shout on info@benoxer.co.uk and her website is www.benoxer.co.uk.



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Mille travels fine in her crate in my car. But Mum has a Prius so the boot has no height (that's where the batteries are!) But she doesn't sit on the seats she lays down in the footwell - which is where Mum prefers to have a muddy dog!

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