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rosie jones

Sprouting wheat as feed

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Can anybody help?

I have kept hens for a few years and remember being told once that sprouting corn (wheat) made a very good feed for laying hens during the winter when good quality greenstuff is in short supply. The trouble is I cannot remember any details i.e. how long to germinate the corn for and what sort of quantity should be fed. Has anyone else ever heard of this and can they supply more information please?

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Welcome to the forum Rosie :D


It sounds like a good idea but I don't know anything about it I'm afraid. I should imagine you would sprout the seeds just as we would for human consumption in which case you would put the seed in a jar covered with muslin. Rinse and drain the seeds every day.

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I sprouted a bunch of flax seeds on the kitchen windowsill, in old yoghurt pots etc. They grow really fast & the chickens enjoy both pecking at the sprouts & scratching all the soil out!

I also picked up a container of pre-sprouted wheat grass at the grocery store - it was real cheap & when the chickens peck at it it gives off a lovely aroma. Smells like a newly-mown lawn - a wonderful summery smell in the depths of winter!

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