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A change in egg colour

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For the last few days one of my hens (not sure who but I suspect Poppy/Rosie) has been laying eggs with a much paler colour shell than usual.


They used to be a sort of usual egg colour,but they are now palest putty....nearly cream/off white.


Is she deficient in any mineral or vitamin or is it a sign of a moult or brood to come?

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Now I have to dredge up some brain cells here, so bear with me ..... I read somewhere (can't remember where, may have been here!) that the pigment for the eggs is taken from elsewhere in the chickens body. So, to tell if a chook is a good layer, it will have paler legs than one who is not laying as the egg shell pigment is taken from melanin in the legs. Thinking along those lines then, could her eggs be paler because she is nearing the end of a laying season and running out of pigment? It would be interesting to know whether her legs are pale or not!! 8) Whew - that hurt! :wink:

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Now that you mention it Snowy, I remember James telling me that once. It woudl figure too because Sadie has pale legs and is a brilliant layer (when she's not moulting) and Ruby has bright yellow legs and is total pants at laying eggs.


It's the sort of query that they'd be able to answer on the Practical Poultry forum.

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