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My husbands just announced that rather than using the place where I was going to put the eglu I can use the old veg patch. We're planning to edge it and put woodchip in the whole thing and hemcore under the run. He doesn't want to end up with a big run (like eglu towers etc which I love) and we can't let them out to run free but I do want to give them occasional run arounds and for the children to be able to get in with them.

I was looking at the netting fence that Omlet sell but its very dear for what it is.Do you think if I bought something similar I could use that. How secure would it be?

I'm going to try and post a pic of the area I now have to convert by friday (I hope thats allowed feel free to edit me and get me on the straight and narrow)



Any other ideas on how I could do it without upsetting the bossman :wink:

After all I was allowed an Eglu in the first place as its all selfcontained :lol:

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How exciting! And a purple one to boot - exquisite taste :lol:


I had the netting Omlet sell in my last house, I know it is expensive - but the advantages were:

1. VERY easy to move around / put away

2. Easy to push into the grass due to the design of the poles

3. The netting is the right size for the chooks - they spent most of their time with their heads through it reaching as far as they could (grass is always greener... :roll: ) and then pulling back and moving on to the next bit :!: They did this lots without ever getting tangled

4. Because the netting is loose - they wouldn't jump up onto it, and then over - if you see what I mean. It's not sturdy enough for them to be able to do that



So.. I would bear all that in mind if you decide to make your own and try to get it as similar as possible. It is certainly secure as far as not letting the chooks out is concerned, so as long as you try and get a very similar set up you should be fine. Remember though that it won't keep foxes out, just the chooks in :D


Your photo looks like the perfect spot 8)

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The chickens will not be able to get through any of the holes in the netting: it is quite secure.


Provided you put the pegs in tightly and join the netting up properly, they will not be able to get under it; and provided you clip the chickens' wings they will not be able to get over it.


BUT a fox could get in easily over the netting. If you have foxes in your area and you are going to leave the chickens confined most of the time, you would be better off getting a run extension.


The netting is perfect to keep the chickens under control in the garden when you are out yourself, but it is not safe.

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An option is to get aviary/cat run panels and create and enclosed run. This is what my mum has for her cats, and it wasn't terribly expensive and would be fox proof. If you want something fox proof and aesthetically pleasing, I would go for the run extensions every time. I have my run extended as far as it can go in my garden, and it still looks lovely, but my garden is so teeny I don't think it would looks as nice with a big old wooden and wire run, even if this would make sense with the chooks.

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