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RIP Georgia

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Hello all,

I haven't been around much recently, but we unfortunately lost Georgia our G N R on Sunday. She had been ill for most of the week. Back in November she had to have her Oviduct removed as it was hanging totally out of her vent & neither us nor the vet could get it to stay in. So at £160 she had the op , xrays & whatever else seemed to have been thought up to put the bill up. (I was quite shocked at the figure) Still she did have a great life with us.


We are looking to add some friends for Vera & Ruby, not quite sure what breed to get (although Silkies do look very appealing!) or indeed where to go (we are prepared to travel).


I think it was Cookie that mentioned Thornes? Are they still in business as the link to their site doesn't want to work.

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