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Dozey Chook

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Bit concerned about our chook Cilla. Seems we have to wash her regularly cos of her vent getting crusty.


Thing is, when daughter washes her in warm water, the chooks goes all dopey and quiet. Then daughter dries her with the hair drier, and we have to literally hold her up!!!!


Is this cos shes enjoying being pampered or petrified?



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We've just recently been having to wash Belle's frilly knickers whilst she was a bit under the weather.


She absolutley loved it - both washing and blow drying with the hair dryer. Her little eyes kept closing and she most certainly did not want to get out of the sink when we had finished :D:D


Not sure she now doesn't poop in the nest box so it gets dirty and then sits in there, before I can change the straw, so she has to have another wash :wink:

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my girls love to have their bums done. We do them about twice a month just to keep them lovely and fresh !!


They are very well behaved and make happy chortles when we do it and dont even wriggle !


we just fill up a large washing up bowl with warm ecover water/bubbles and sponge their little frillies. they then get a raisin each for their efforts :lol:

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