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Hi all


"Houston we have an Egg" :D:D yep Lola laid her 1st one on Monday 5th feb and has laid every day until today (she does not like the snow).

Lazy old Belinda cant be bothered so are waiting for her to get into the habit. :roll:


So with 3 eggs having a fry up tonight one each (yum yum) some of my home made bangers. :D


Also with determination the girls are now back on the pellets ,thanks for the advice from you all.


However have been giving grapes as treats,came to a head today,I was in the office doing paperwork ,ignored the cluckings and being pecked so they decided to run and fly at me and landed on my desk, :twisted: Thats it you can stay outside from now on.


They seem to take over gin=ven half a chance they are worse than kids and the wife (thats saying something.


Well enough of my ramblings of to cook these eggs

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