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I wandered up to the end of the garden which has now become the chicken enclosure, and was rather unerved to find no chickens.


I did the usual checks, behind shed, in the undergrowth, the eglu port hole - there I found Maple laying an egg, but where was Honey? Not over the fence next door, so I wandered back down the garden and a flash of ginger caught my eye from the hedge on the right.


Honey was happily pecking away next door through the big privet hedge, blissfully unaware that the people next door happen to keep big nasty dogs!!


How she got through I'll never know. The hedge at the chicken end is very dense, where as toward the lower end of the garden there are gaps. I grabbed a handful of corn and tempted her through the hedge, and swiftly plonked her back in the chicken end.


Neadless to say, I spent the next half an hour, making sure I blocked up any possible escape routes for a chicken!!

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