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Garden Pond

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Hi Hazel


Chickens and water don't mix too well - their feathers aren't waterproof and so absorb water and become heavier.


As your pond is relatively shallow, I wouldn't have thought it was possible for a chook to drown in it (although anything's possible if they have a mad moment! :roll: ) but I personally wouldn't want them getting wet all the time, particularly on cooler days as damp and cold chickens tend to get unwell.


I think I'd personally consider fencing it off if the girls are free-ranging


Sue Budgie

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Hi Hazel


I have a small pond in my garden, mine is a bit deeper though. Before the girls arrived I had problems with a Heron trying to take the fish. So what I did was to get some canes and placed them around the pond, I then got fishing line and run this around the canes at three different heights. Low middle and high. Because the line is almost clear its not too unsightly. It solved the problem of the Heron as they can't step over it and my girls are not encouraged to go in that part of the garden but if they do I feel a little more secure because its protected with the line and canes.


Hopes this helps



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we have a 10ft by 10ft pond in the garden with a bridge over it.


No attempts at swimming yet from my girls, our pond is quite deep as we have carp in it.


The girls love to cross the pond over the bridge :lol:


I still like to keep an eye on them though as my girls are a little bit dippy sometimes, so I would recommend to keep an eye out for them now and again or maybe block the pond off somehow. We have logroll around the perimeter of the pond which discourages them.

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