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I promised photos - better late than never!


She's a very pretty chicken, and is much friendlier than the other two. She's very shy, and likes to hide by my feet when the cat is out. She still gets picked on by the other two, but not as much as she used to :)


She didn't like corn when first got her :shock: but she yums it up now. I think she'd maybe never had it, and wasn't sure what it was for :lol:








We've moved the eglu since we took this photo - I trimmed back the bushes, and we pushed it to the side of the garden, and now the garden looks huge :lol:


We have quite a large patio which isn't in the photo, and we're going to chicken-ise it with big pots full of chicken-proof slug-attracting plants to make it a bit greener :lol:

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