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Strawberry Plants

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Went and got the Strawberry plants today. What healthy looking plants they are.


Two early. two mid season and two late varieties in each pack. I came home with 4 packs :D


Now for a question :D

can I plant them out now? They are going to be put in a container (2 hanging baskets on a stand type of thing). some will be put into a terracotta Strawberry container.


BTW it has turned very cold here :( , back to winter coats, gloves and hat :( Should I wait until the weather warms up again? Trouble is I have no room in the Greenhouse and the plants are sitting on my kitchen table.

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Hi Ali!


I bought several packs of strawberry plants from Lidl last year. They have been in the garden all winter and are fine. I put cloches over them when it got really cold (minus 7 this year) but the leaves die back naturally every year anyway.

The sooner you plant them the better as the roots will have longer to establish.

The first year is normally a small crop, with a bumber crop in year 2-3. they should be replaced every 3 years, but you can always take runners off and pots those up!

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