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Lynn in Bristol

Chickens Wanted!

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We're having 2 new chickens! Bantams this time. The accommodation is built (almost - I've made a chicken coop myself, it's a bit wonky but I'm absurdly proud of it), the run is due to be made this weekend. Time to order the birds....


Problem! I subscribed to Practical Poultry Mag 2 weeks ago, and no sign of a copy (I've no idea where to go to buy one here in deepest Bristol). I've trawled the internet, and phoned everyone on the Omlet breeders directory within a reasonable radius. My daughter had her heart set on a barred wyandotte and a buff pekin, and can I find them for her? No I can't. It's her birthday tomorrow, and we promised that we would get the birds after our weeks holiday around easter - so we need them in two weeks time.


Can anybody help?

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I'll have a look in the magazine for you - I would have said check out their forum but it is down at the moment, for maintenance.


edit: I couldn't find anything in Bristol. Perhaps google for Bantam breeders? - or for the specific bantam forums?

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Thanks Chelsea,


I've spent some time drooling over their website, and I have phoned and emailed them, but they don't seem to want to talk to me! I'd happily drive to Devon anytime.


I'm just too blooming impatient. Having spent hours and sacrificed most of my fingernails making the coop, I just want the birds on order!


I'll try them again tomorrow.


They are out there somewhere, I know they are!

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Thanks for all your help. We've got a very poorly chicken at the moment (see posting on chicken clinic) and as I've now decided I'm the worst poultry keeper in the world, :( I've decided to put off getting more chickens for a little while.


Nibley bird farm does sound interesting though... :think: I'll keep the details.

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Hi Lynn,

If youre interested in getting some more chickens have you thought about rescue chickens?? They really are lovely birds who have come from a very sad background of living in a battery farm and so to give them a new lease of life is wonderful!! We've already taken 10 and theyre settling in beautifully and are in amazingly good condition, so if you feel like rescuing some chickens get in touch with www.thehenshouse.co.uk and theres plenty more chickens out there needing loving homes!!

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