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What have I missed?

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I have been working late so much lately, albeit I work with clients from a room in the garden but by the time I eat and have a glas of well...wine. I relax and am ready for bed!! :shock:


Anyway I thought if I posted this topic if anyone is like me and doesn't always have a chance to check all the topics and forums perhaps you could pop a quick message telling any of us not soooo frequent layers :oops: if there is anything important or silly or anything to know!!


Not being lazy but I miss some hot topics becuase I haven't got alot of time to check.


Thanks you guys



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'FIREMEN' :oops::oops::oops: Oh god I need a lie down :oops: ooh matron! ( kenneth williams voice)Moderation absolutely required. Am off to waitrose so I need to keep a calm and cool head!!


Kate deep breaths and a gin and tonic should sort you out :oops::oops: I 'm quitting whilst I haven't been banished to a world of wooden chicken sheds!


Bx :lol::lol:

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A chap gets involved and all you clucky girls start a' flirtin' :lol::lol::lol:


[clears throat] You're right! I really should be off(!) - got some serious business to discuss over on the Raleigh Burner Forum with other grown men who restore their childhood BMX bikes ... :lol:


Oh dan stop your flirtin' :wink::wink: Boys and Toys!!!



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Watch out the environmental health officer will be round...I can see a new 'fly on the wall documentary...Grimey Gals' or 'Forum Filth'. I'm with you Gina I have to type and dust at the same time, I can't find the time to get on here enough as it is.


I've got a nice couple coming to 'view' our Eglu and girls on Saturday, not to sell ours :shock::shock: but to hopefully help them decide to make the big decision! I shall be mrs mop in the morning and even the girls will be gleaming by the time they arrive. Will a joke about pyjamas, flip flops and poop be a 'no,no' :oops::?



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Kate and I 'do' another forum as well Gina


Make that three Lesley! I'm still doing RC and I'm a moderator on MrsL's so I've got a good excuse to be there :lol::lol::lol: !!


Housework today though!!


I've got Lesley coming up to see us in a fortnight and it'll take me that long to get rid of the dust and cobwebs :oops: !


If you see me on here too much, just say "Lesley" and I'll be off like a shot :shock: !!

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