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day old or point of lay??

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Just another update on the girls. . .they seem to change daily. More feathers, bigger, more personality, etc. . .


I am really glad that I started with Day Old chicks so I could start with them inside & spend lots of time with them. I mainly did that because Omlet didn't have chickens until May. . .but I'm so glad that is the path I took.


Tonight we were watching America's Next Top Model and after lots of darting around and eating, they both cuddled close to my neck and went to sleep. There is something magical in these tiny, helpless birds being so trusting. Of course I do spoil them rotten. (They have moved into a much larger "brooding" cage now!) Still too little to move to the Eglu. . .


We are bonding so well, I may have full grown chickens wanting to sit on my shoulder! But whatever! My journey into CHICKENDOM continues to amaze me.


I hope I do not bore you with my updates of pics. . .I just am so amazed by how quickly they grow and want to capture it. And it's fun sharing with like-minded people.

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Not boring at all John - we all love hearing about them!


How old are they now? Ours are outside now and look similar to yours.


I don't know what sort of temperatures you have now? - I know MN has had really unseasonal cold weather this last week.

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You most definitely are not boring us. Its lovely to see how they have developed. Keep the pics coming!.........Americas Top Model though! :shock:

They did fall asleep :wink:

the chicks are so adorable, don't tell OH but as soon as a chicken goes broody I live in hope of popping eggs/chicks under them and now have a rabbit hutch. :shh:

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