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They've arrived!!!

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Hoorah.... Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Today we went to collect our new hens from Woodside Wildfowl at Slip End.

I'm not sure if they really go by other breed names (maybe somebody will know ??) as they are Meadowsweet agents.

We have Beryl who I can only descibe as a Bluebelle but was sold as a Mendlesham Blue, very pretty girl.

Daisy, who looks very similar to a PP but with a kinder eye, sold as a Fenning Black.

Shirley, who I think will be the trouble maker, sold as a Mendlesham Amber.


Vera PP and Ruby GNR do not seem best impressed, the noise they made whilst goose stepping in their run was deafnin!! Hope they will let the newbies into the Eglu to sllep tonight.

Not really looking forward to the next few days, I think it will be a long road!

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Thanks for all the well wishes..


Beryl is definately going to be the bottom of the pile, she also looks quite a bit younger than the others. She just has the startings of those cute little buds that will eventually be her comb.


Will hopefully post pics tomorrow :D

Thanks Chelsea, will have a good read again tonight, super bedtime reading 8)

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:shock: Wow, I'm so pleased for you, Caroline. :D


Congratulations & welcome to the new chickens, you should have called by on your way to Woodside!


Actually, I read your post really quickly because ever since I read "looks like a Bluebelle ...from Woodside" I've been planning to go! Tomorrow! :oops:


I've never seen anything for sale there other than PP or GNR or once, little whitestars.


What colour is the Amber?


I think you're right about the hybrids, very similar to other crosses known by other names.


Oh dear, I have 2 chooks coming from Omlet & I can't decide if 10 would be pushing it...I know 8 will be as 6 are sometimes! :?

...Just want a little Bluebelle and another white hen......

I really don't think i should go there, not before the others arrive anyway...but the bluebelles will be gone...

I noticed the road Harpenden side was still closed because of the motorway widening...did you take an earlier turn, or turn from the Dunstable road?

just out of interest...

anyway, sorry to waffle, I'm really pleased for you and hope you have fun with them over the w/e etc. :D

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Sheila, We had been to Thornes in Letchworth first (v disappointing) so we came from that side of Slip End.

I found a website that has pics of the birds that they have at the moment at Woodside (same names too)




Stock at Woodside 12/4: Fenning White, Fenning Black, Mendlesham Blue, Mendlesham Amber, Suffolk black tails, Fenning Coucou and lots of Rhode island crosses that look very cute too.


The Amber one (Shirley) is white with kind of an amber tint to its back feathers. The Bluebelle types there are gorgeous.


Will post pics tomorrow


I finally got them all in the Eglu together for bed, tomorrow is a new day. I hate seeing feathers pulled n pecking but it happens.

Hope to see you Sheila next time.

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Thanks for the info, Caroline, although LSH might not be delighted. I'm very tempted to nip along there in the morning :P for a Fenning White & a M.Blue....but then there's the Coucou....


I do like the care of poultry @ Woodside but I've never seen that much stock.

It must be fate. :lol::lol:


Now I'll stop hijacking your topic (but do call for a cuppa if you know you're coming over sometime :) )


Glad they're all tucked up, I'll be following your topic to see how they settle down, although 3 young ones to 2 established shouldn't take too long. Best wishes. :D:D

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I don't mind my topic being hijacked Sheila, I love helping others to spend their money :D:D


I was very surprised to see such an assortment , all looked very healthy too.

It was on your recommendation for Woodside Sheila that made us call in on the way home.. Now whos helping who spend money :lol::lol::lol:

I'll give you a shout next time I'm in the area, Ta much.

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