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Tina C

Lake District walks for children anyone?

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We are going off to the Lakes in July. Layla conquered Cat Bells last year (with the aid of lots of snacks and fantastic images of a cat ringing a bell at the top for encouragement) so we are looking for new but not too hard walks for this visit. Don't want to put her off, but it has to be high enough to make an impact.


We are going to try Castle Crag (has anyone else seen the Wainwright's Walks series???) but need another to justify buying her some proper walking boots....


any recommendations?



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Well if it's Keswick, then here are some suggestions ...


Wallabarrow Crag from the Bowder Stone car park by Derwent Water. A nice circular walk, one steep bit (but my 6 month old pups were fine with it!) and fabulous views.


Latrigg (sp??) from the back of the Station Hotel in Keswick. A lovely whaleback ridgewalk then back to Keswick along the old railway.


Dodd summit from the Forestry Commission car park at Dodd Wood. Quite strenuous, but if you managed Catbells, you'll be fine :)


High Rigg from the car park where the St Johns Road meets the A591. A lovely high-ish route from south to north and then a meandering valley stroll back.


Hope one of these takes your fancy!!


Jools :)

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Oooh thanks Jools - I thought you might be able to help. Yes, we are camping up near Keswick this time. I know the area quite well but have only done the big ones like Striding Edge, Skiddaw and - yuk - Blencathra/Sharp Edge (not sure if I would be able to do that one these days!), getting nervous in my old age.


I love the old railway and Layla has not done that yet so we will give that walk a go.

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How old is Layla? - would she manage Hay Stacks from Buttermere? - or the shorter route from the farm just up the road from Buttermere, where there is a Car Park.


Jools - you'll know the name of the farm?....... or, I could go and look at the map. Edit: Gatesgarth Farm


This is my favourite walk and not too scary or difficult. Also - where Wainright had his ashes scattered.

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I seem to remember an ice cream van too!


Layla has just turned 6 - I wasn't sure if the Haystacks Walk might be a bit long. The good thing about Cat Bells is you start going up straightaway and you get quick rewards for your efforts. Important at that age. Also she cheated at the end as we sent Daddy the 3 miles back to get the car while we played in the woods. I think the whole thing would have been 8 miles otherwise and we did not want to put her off on her first attempt at serious walking.


Thanks for the suggestions.

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It was the first in the Julia Bradbury series of Wainwright Walks, just repeated on BBC2. Lovely walk - but then they all are! And if I remember rightly, there's an ice cream van at the bottom too :lol:


:lol::lol: - I was going to mention the ice-cream van - didn't want you thinking that was my reason for going :wink::lol: It is nice though, at the end of a walk to sit there by the stream with an ice-cream. I've still got the map out from yesterday - and I've started Carl off as well now :roll: He thought I'd got something planned.......... :(


Tina - I find Hay Stacks gives quite an early reward. There is the level walk from the car park but then a short, steep burst right at the beginning, takes you high enough to look down on Buttermere and Crummock water quite quickly.

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