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moving out?

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OK, the girls are around 5 weeks. . .(i think)


this is what they look like today




At what point can they move outside? Right now it's still only around 50 degrees here. . .should start warming up again soon. (We had a weird winter moment after spring had started.)


I don't want to put them out too soon. If we have a pretty nice day, I have been putting them out in the Eglu for a few hours. . .

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Hi John. my chicks are 6 weeks old and have been off heat since 3 weeks and out since they were 3 1/2 weeks (and I'm in Scotland!) BUT they're eglu is in a covered run and theres 12 of them to snuggle together. I was worried the first couple of nights but stuck my hand in amongst them when they were sleeping and they were lovely and warm. We had a couple of cold nights just after I put them out (one night their water was frozen!) and they came tumbling out the next morning happy as pigs in poo! I'm sure yours would be fine.

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i think we are supposed to get snow again tomorrow! YUCK. I think I'm going to still wait until we get out of this freaky snowy weather before moving them out. They may be fine, but I would worry too much since, to me, they are just little babies. Hopefully next week they will officially move out to the 'LU. ;-)


And yes. . .I am amazed daily at the changes in them. It's been a fun adventure.

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