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mad house

male cucumbers

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I think it's the male flowers :?


they are the ones that don't have a tiny cucumber behind the petals, and you need to nip them off as soon as you notice them, I think it's because they affect the taste of the cucumbers,


I'm sure someone will be along soon with a better explanation :oops:


karen x

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Karen's right - it is the flowers. The female flowers have a very tiny swelling behind the petals which will grow into a fruit.


....... but, I don't know why you have to remove the male flowers :?


I've just bought one of the 'female only' plants - in case my seedlings don't do well.

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open pollinated, outdoor cucumbers usually do not require removal of male flowers.

fussy, indoor (greenhouse) cucumbers are often 'all female' plants and have no male flowers to remove.


if you have indoor, not 'all female' cucumbers you may have to remove the male but if so, it should say so clearly on the seed packet.


I've just read that back and it's probably as clear as mud :roll:

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