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getting bunnies back in run!

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my two girls enjoy their run but i really want to let them bomb about the garden too when i'm around. I've tried this a couple of times but it's such a night mare trying to get them back in that the stress we all go through makes me wonder whether it's worth it. Anyone out there cracked this one ? :roll:

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Haven't owned rabbits for years, but we used to "herd" ours in with two HUGE sheets of corrogated plastic, like you do pigs, where you make a "V" shape with them behind the bunny and walk it forwards, like its in a corridor. They have to be quite long, so that the bunny doesn't run ahead and scoot round the front......


Hope you understand what I'm trying to describe?

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Good idea, Annie.

When my neighbours herded theirs back, one of them clapped their hands at the same time. Once they were trained, the hand clapping on it's own worked!

You could let them out just a short distance (using cheap chickenwire or something & increase the distance as they understand about going back at bedtime.

Good luck!

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