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Eggs too fresh?

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Has anyone made mayonnaise with very fresh eggs? Have you had any problems with it?


My OH made mayonnaise with our chicken's egg yolks the other day and found that it curdled. This has not happened previously with shop bought eggs, so we were wondering if the eggs were too fresh??

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Hi, only just seen this topic as my unread messages aren't always marked :?

Well, I've had exactly the same with Yorkshire puds. I've made them for 27 years perfectly, one of the few standbys that always comes out right. Until I got the chooks. I daren't admit to the family that its because of my eggs, but it obviously is. Now your mayonnaise backs up the theory. Perhaps they are just too fresh for some recipes.

I know that for poaching, a few days old is much better. So, I think I will try & keep some a week for use in delicate recipes! Let us know if you experiment too.

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I find my best poaching, using the egg slipped straight into the barely simmering water technique, works best on eggs fresh from the nesting box :?


However I do have a tip for the Yorkshire Puds. I use 2 eggs with 3oz plain flour and 5fl oz semi skim milk and get really puffy puds every time - even with same day eggs :D Just double up the number of eggs in your usual recipe.

If your hen's eggs are slightly smaller than the ones you used to buy then that will explain the 'flat' puds. I'm assuming this is the problem - there isn't much else that can go wrong with a Yorkshire - but do enlighten me if you are having a different problem :D


The only thing that I use eggs that are at least 3 days old for is hard boiling. Otherwise I find really fresh eggs work better than older shop ones - except for mayonnaise because it is years since I made my own, but I can't remember saving older eggs for that.

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I use fresh eggs for mayonnaise and poaching but older for hard-boiled.


I accidentally hard-boiled today's Ellie Egg and it wouldn't peel at all :twisted:


OH makes the Yorkshires and he usually uses Tallulah's eggs as they frequently have a crack in the shell - but not the membrane - and are no good for boiling

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