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Letiing them out for first time

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Well the time has almost arrived.

Our garden fences (blown down by those strong winds a while ago) are finally being fixed today.


So tonight is the night.


Plan to let them out about 2 hours before they normally 'go to bed' - so hopefully they will return of their own accord ???


I have also been training them (or are they training me ??) !!!! Basically, I enter the garden as quietly as possible, blow a whistle and take them down a treat in a recognisable bright red dish. They now run around frantically when they hear the whistle.

So I'm hoping I will be able to use whistle and treats to get them back into the eglu as and when the need arises.


Does anyone have any tips for their 1st trip out ?



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There's always one malingerer :roll: mine is usually Fleur; she's a Japanese bantam and they have the shortest legs of any chooks, so it takes her longer to waddle up the garden.


They can be trained to do anything for treats; some of mine will hop up on my lap and shoulders to be fed, which is good for pure-breeds, who aren't usually very biddable.

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Thats interesting.

I was wondering how trainable they are as they seem to learn quite quickly.

I was thinking of putting a bell (say) somewhere and everytime they pecked it (they peck EVERYTHING), blowing teh whistle and giving a treat.

Then hoping that blowing the whistle would make them peck the bell to get the treat

- a sort of party piece !


or is this just too much ??


Anyone done anything like this ??



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