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hedgehog commotion

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Our neighbour rang this morning at 8am to say she had been woken by a lot of chicken noises between 2 and 3 am. Her dog was barking too. She got a ladder and shone a weak torch but couldn't see any dead chickens or the cause of the commotion.


We heard nothing as we are the other side of the house. Very good neighbour incidently.


So I went out at 8am to check and saw feathers but all the hens were ok. So how strange - what could it have been? :? Looked for evidence of foxes - nothing. Thought I'd just check to see if there were any eggs and hey a massive hedgehog in the nesting box :shock: . I must have shut him in at dusk without realising. He probably wanted to get some kip in the early hours and had to turf the chickens out!! :roll:

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Yes - Angel, the eldest and boss, has come off the worse. She has lost a few feathers and been trying to catch up on lost sleep. I even saw her put her head under her wing. Her laying is a bit erratic but I think she will probably not lay tomorrow. :(


She's eating and drinking ok. I wonder if she felt the prickles on her feet? I shall be keeping and eye on her.

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