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Camping with chickens!

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Hi everyone - we are going on a ' tour' of England soon in our caravan, starting in Bicester, hopefully going somewhere round Winchcombe (Cotswolds) & then over to South Wales & The mumbles. We really want to stay on a site /working farm that has free range chickens / even better a breeder /poultry visitor centre. Can only find one North of Scotland!!!

Also any within a reasonable distance of Cheshire, for future reference.


Hope you can help,

thanks, Emma.x :pray::D

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Not heard of any, but take this book with you - it is really good and you will be able to relate to it!




I shall ask around my Welsh contacts and see if anyone knows such places around there for you, but off the top of my head, don't know any. Maybe another good item for the Omlet Wikipedia site? Places to holiday WITH your chooks, instead of getting them some chicken-sitters... :P

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Travels with my chicken book sounds like a great holiday read! Think I'll be buying that! Thanks for your reply.

My chicken sitter would be gutted if I took my chickens with me - she adores looking after them & wants her own eglu!


No, I'd be quite happy just having 'some' chickens round me whilst on holiday.


People think I'm nuts, coz I talk chickens most of the time! :oops:


We found chickens when in Austria & we used to take them a treat each day.

We found chickens in Craven Arms Shropshire whilst caravanning, it was lovely to see so many free ranging and standing on the grassy hill, just before sunset!



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If you find anywhere please let me know!


We have a caravan and have yet to find anywhere where you can take chickens :shock: and I feel SO guilty when we go away.


I have seen pet rabbits on a campsite..but not chickens.


You know some campsites have the most ridiculous rules about noise etc So I'd very much doubt whether anywhere commercial would allow chickens as they would deem this to "upset the other campers", so I think a farm site or Caravan club CL site (which only allows 5 vans) would be your best bet. :)

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