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:D We picked them up on Saturday, the new girls, Lottie (buff pekin) and Dotty (barred Wyandotte mini), from the Devonshire Trad. Breeds centre.


They are now installed in their detatched coop and run.


I was kind of expecting 12-14 week old birds, but when we came to pay for them, they were only 8 weeks old! They are so cute! Lottie doesn't appear to have any legs, just diddy feet. Dotty has got half a toe missing on one foot - our first disabled chicken.




what do I feed them? We came away with a bag of chick crumbs with instructions to move on to growers pellets - what little treats can we give them?


When I open the door in the morning they just sit and look at me, and they have to be lifted into the coop at night - bless them. Advice please!!


I promise to add photos, just as soon as I've got some....must go and put them to bed now.

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we had our chickens from 8 weeks. We started on crumb and then moved onto pelletts.

With regards to treats we started off with a small quantity of small stuff (sweetcorn/raisins etc) and then as they got bigger we chopped the bigger stuff up into smaller pieces.


Congrats on the new arrivals. The centre is great isnt it...I wanted everything when I was there :shock: and I LOVE wyandottes so im very :mrgreen::mrgreen:

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Lynn, that is the best avatar I have ever seen!! I love it!! :lol::lol::lol:


....and what a cute picture I now have of your mini hens being given a leg up to bed :lol: They all sound adorable, and they really are stacks of fun aren't they.


I'm not sure what treats to give hens so young. There's plently of people to offer advice who have brought chickies up themselves. Someone will be along shortly, I'm sure.



Edit - see Chelsea got in there while I was writing my post :)

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New babies have settled in fine - here's a picture:




They've got a lot more friendly and inquisitive, and show a LOT of interest in various treats we've tried them on. Gave them a couple of mealworms today, and they had no doubt what to do with them!


Lottie just looks so sad, though. :( She's obviously the underchick. Hopefully, once she'd grown a bit of face and headgear, she'll have a happier expression! At the moment still resembles a tennis ball with feet, beak and big sad eyes! :anxious:

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