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Mrs T

Chicks love their Eglu!!

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The Chicks have been loving their new eglu, :D They decided to put them selves to bed the other evening, so they are now happy to stay outside at night.. ( I am happy too, :D they liked to have a dust bath in the shavings, causing lots of mess in the dining room) It is so sweet they just snuggle up inside the eglu, and they are happy to see us in the mornings. My children keep arguing over who is going to open the eglu door in the mornings! Just need to find out which chicks are boy's and which are girls, not looking forward to that day! when the boys will move to a new home. :(

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My chicks love their eglus too - I have 4 eight week olds in one (was 12 but 8 have gone to new homes) and 10 four week olds in the other. Isn't it lovely to get them out the brooder and see them charging about, spreading their wings. Do you have any pics?-heres my lot :)



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Oh yes - definitely


I said that I would stick to just three - as we get so many eggs. OH kept feeding them outside our conservatory door so they just sat on the steps and heckled us for ages - everytime they saw us indoors. OH was a nightmare - and they followed him about like the pied piper and he just had to keep finding them titbits to eat :roll:


It got a bit mucky without any rain, so I was hosing it down a lot now that I have a baby grandson toddling about - had to think of him


So a bit of retraining was called for - for OH and the girls


For a couple of weeks I decided to keep them in their big pen for the morning and not let them out until late afternoon.


Seems to have worked. They are a lot quieter and when I open the pen for them to come out, instead of elbowing me out of the way - they just look at me as if to say 'Not bothered' and casually wander in and out as they choose.


So with half a dozen doing the same - :lol::lol::lol:


(But don't tell anyone yet, until the deed is done)

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OK, I'll keep quiet, just let me in on the surprise will you?


Mine now line up along the wire fence when they know I'm in the house. When I got back for lunch, if they think I'm in, but ignoring them, they heckle me loudly until I come out. Now they don't get any titbits, just a squirt with the water spray - that'll soon shut them up!

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You should see their faces Dilly - like a 'dog licking wee off a nettle'!


Perhaps you need to train OH? I htink I do too; I was just at lunch, and Phil came down to eat with me... he was out in the garden with Betty (last year's chick) on his shoulder, she was eating loads straight out of the corn pot :roll: And I'm always going on about not spoiling them! I know he likes to have her sitting on his shoulder, but she shouldn't have that much corn :evil:

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