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Helly Welly

Composting loo

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I've just watched "Its not easy being green" and was inspired to research composting loos. You can get ones that are completely self contained and don't need a big chamber underneath.


I've found one that will cost just over £600 which i think isn't bad so i may have a go at persuading OH. :pray:


We currently save water by using rainwater to flush the loo. However, we have a downstairs bathroom so can't really rig up a proper system so we collect the water from the water butt in buckets and flush with those. Needless to say, the buckets get hidden when visitors come! :oops:

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We haven't watched this episode yet - but it's something we're interested in. We have an outside loo which we might tinker with........


Was it the ladies with the campsite? - last week they were looking at a brochuire with some lovely, coloured, toilets.

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I'm thinking of having it instead of the loo in the bathroom, its self contained so doesn't take up anymore room than a normal loo.


Mind you, told OH the price this morning, don't think he was too impressed :roll:


I think i'll wait until he gets his bonus, we usually get something quite expensive each :wink:

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:shock::lol: This bit really made me laugh....


Another simple option is a 'straw bale urinal'. This consists of a bale of straw (ends uppermost), for men to urinate on. The liquid soaks in and composts the middle of the bale in a few months.


Knowing how bad most mens' aim is... I had images of Helly with a bale of straw in her bathroom, with wee puddled round it!!



Ohh hooo, only on this forum.... :roll:

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Fortunately, i have a downstairs bathroom so don't need to trek up and downstairs!


This is the loo i found http://www.biolet.com/html/301.html


which you can get from here http://www.rainbowtradingpost.co.uk/composttoilets.htm#Install


the ones on the programme were from Envirolet and come in all sorts of fancy colours but are more expensive

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