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Tom and Barbara

a new use for pregnancy cleavage!

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I came home from work yesterday to find that for some reason Elvis had booted out one of the chicks :-( it was lying on it's back with it's legs up in the air and I was convinced it was dead but when i went to pick it up it twitched! It was stone cold so I decided I had to warm it up quickly.......and put it the only warm snug place I could think of :oops: ....... so after an evening spent safe and toasty in the midst of my new-found pregnancy cleavage I'm happy to report the chick is eating, drinking and cheeping again yay!!!


will try to get some photos tonight to show you guys.....not of the cleavage obviously, that would be wrong......but definitely of the chicks if Elvis obliges this time

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lol well i guess it's quite comforting for them being snuggled up over your heartbeat


maybe this is a marketing opportunity, chick rearing bras with extra chick sized cup!


Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, heeeeeeeeeeeeeee :lol::lol::lol:


Glad to hear that the chick is doing well :wink:

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God help me if I'm ever pregnant...I'm already getting like a Pammie Annie! :shock:


I'm a bridesmaid for my sister in June & got to go and find a decent bra that doesn't show above the back of my dress. Decided to pay more & get measured at the same time....I'm dreading it.


Funny this forum - it's either wine, chocolate, poo, pants & now bras!!!!! :lol:



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:lol: That's a great description Eglutine. They are quite complicated aren't they. I was always putting my arm through the wrong bit and wondering why they never worked properly :roll:



A bit of Pammie never hurt anyone with ironing board syndrome!! At least the novelty value will wear off. With Pammie - it's for life!


What was the topic again? :?

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lol lol lol was it a drop-down-flap-nursing bra too?


I had one of them after I had Duncan, and the flippin thing used to unhook itself at the most ridiculous moments, and I'd be hanging loose, so to speak on one side, and all trussed up and supported on the other, until I could find somewhere to go and do myself up again! :shock::oops:

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