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the case of the missing drake!

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very odd. Got home tonight and the duck comes out from behind the Landrover.

.... it was late so I caught her and put her to bed - thought she'd forgotten where it was..... they do that sometimes if we don't lock their door early enough - they get up again and go swimming!


went back for the drake... no drake! :shock:


they're Indian Runners so he's not likely to have flown away :?


We have spent an hour looking for him in the garden and around and about but there's nothing! not even a bundle of feathers!! I would have thought if it was a fox :twisted: , it would have either killed both or made an awful mess of one?! that's what i've seen before :evil::cry:


Anyway, who knows. i've put the duck to bed but she's not happy - they're real partners - they go everywhere together.


Hopefully when I get up, he'll be there and I'll be wondering where this great hiding place is that I couldn't find!


the b*gger of it is that we had decided to incubate some of their eggs when we get back from holidays in mid May..... that's not going to happen without a drake now is it?!!!? :cry:


:cry::cry: and where's my drake??!?!?!!? :cry::cry:

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nope :cry: nothing :cry::cry:


We looked for an hour last night and ten this morning a friend and I have looked EVERYWHERE, including all the foxes dens we know of and STILL nothing! i've been looking for about 2and a half hours this morning!


The really odd thing is that there's no sign whatsoever of a struggle. not a single feather either in here or about quarter of a mile in any given driection from my house!!


I just don't get it!


the duck is looking a bit forlorn this morning. She is ok and she's eating which is great but she's definitely lonely and looking for him. poor girl.


We've let a message for a local farmer that we know keeps runners to see if he can spare a drake so we can get her a new buddy asap.


We do have some eggs but the incubator is in use (for more of our eggs!) at a neighbour's house at the moment so I'm not sure we can put more in before they're hatched (about a week). We're goign to the neighbour's later today so I'll ask him then and if it's ok, he'll certainly put some in for us.




Bit wierd. don't know how I feel really. I keep thinking 'well, that's nature' but at the same time I think it's sch a shame!


half teh village knows we've lost him cuz I've told everone I've seen today so they're all looking. Even if it's just a body or remains they find, I'd rather know what's happened to him is all. :cry::cry:

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We looked and looked but nothing, not somuch as a feather! I guess the fox took him. :(


on teh up side, teh duck seems a lot happier!! she is much more tame and sociable and is hanging out with the chickens bit!


We have given some eggs to a friend to incubate and I think we'll keep any ducks that come form that but I don't think we'll have another drake.


weird how things go innit?!!? 8)

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