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In the omlet leaflet it says a fully grown chicken eats about 120gm of layer pellets a day.

It also says that filling the glug provides enough food for 2 chickens for 2 days.

- this doesn't seem right.


I weighed out 120gm of layer pellets - almost fills a standard small disposable plastic drinking cup.

Four of these measures barely covers the bottom ofthe glug.


Filling the glug to almost the max seems to be at least 4 days supply for 2 chickens ??


I'm asking because I'll need to tell neighbours how much to feed them - filling the food every 4 days is obviously less of a chore than every other day (water can be filled from a watering can without opening the run so easy to do)


Can anyone shed any light on this anomoly ?



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I just refill the feeder when it's getting empty - I don't measure a particular amount, but I do mix up pellets, garlic and grit in an old plastic sweetie jar, so it's all ready to tip in.

Couldn't you just ask your neighbours to refill when it's getting empty, and say that it will probably be every three or four days?

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oops - sorry about double posting, and although i know you can delete I don't know how!

definitely worth making up a mixture, I do this about twice a week and it saves a lot of time in the mornings. I also refill the water through the bars with a watering-can, it just avoids lots of shooing and pecking and bribery if I don't have to open the run door. I have considered whether some sort of funnel would allow me to do the same with pellets!

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I also refill the water through the bars with a watering-can,

Ditto!! :lol: Great minds etc!

With regard to pellets.....I have even experimented with an old bit of vacuum cleaner hose......it was too thick to go through the mesh of the run....but I'm still working on the idea....for my son to feed them if we go away. Ordinarily I don't have a problem.....I tip sweetcorn at the other end of the run and whilst they are distracted with that I fill the "grubs".

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