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Another Question from me-sorry folks.

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When the omlet man bought the girls he never mentioned when I should let them free range. I have read several times that they should be kept in the run for 5 days.

5 days would be tomorrow and I also know to let them out for an hour or two in the evening so they go back to roost.

My question is-Why is it 5 days?

If I let them out this evening would that be very wrong? Only- Rose is so desperate to get out it's getting hard to keep her in the run, bless her.

If you all think it is important that I wait the full 5 days then I will but I just wondered if 4 days would be alright. :wink:


Cheers in advance and sorry to keep posting :?:oops:

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Don't apologise for asking questions....it's the only way to learn!


I think they recommend 5 days as that is considered long enough to "fix" the notion of going to bed in the same place in the hens minds.


Be ready with the treats to lure them back into the run, and be vigilant about looking out for Monsieur Reynard. If you are around, and there are no escape routes, they will probably be ok.

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Hi Jay


I didn't get my two from Omlet but I kept them in the run for only a couple of days before I let them out into the garden. They had already gone straight into the eglu at night on day one so they already knew where to sleep!


I would say the same as Eglutine - as long as the area is secure then go for it- and have lots of fun :lol:

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Oooo-thanks everyone, I'm all excited now!! :lol:


The girls have put themselves to bed every night so I feel confident that they know where to sleep and if the worst comes to the worst and they don't I will bribe them with treats, if that doesn't work either I will have to wait until they get sleepy and carry them to bed (bit like the kids), so I reckon they will be fine. :wink:

Poor little Rose charges at the run door the second it is open so I think she'll love being out.


Will take some pics of their free-ranging antics. :)

I secured my garden before the Eglu arrived so today I will see how well I done in making it 'chook proof' but of course they will only be out with supervision.


So, can I let them out anytime or is evening still best? Ooops, another question!!! :oops:

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Given that the weather is dodgy, I would let them out in a sunny period during the day. As long as you have a bowl of sweetcorn to hand, they'll come back!


It's whatever you prefer really. I was quite scared to see mine loose in the garden for the first time, and was glad that night-time wasn't approaching.


If you are really nervous, just let out the first one in the queue and see how you get on.


If you have to catch them, do it while they are feeding and be sure to hold the wings in.

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Have fun with them Jay! Plenty of treats and the problem will be how to walk without standing on one rather than how to get them back in. :roll: Every evening I walk outside with a metal dog bowl calling 'chook chook chooks'. They fly in from all sides of the garden and go straight into their run ready to pounce on my hand as I put the bowl in - full of s"Ooops, word censored!"s of course. :lol:

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I agree. I don't think you will have any problems. Once they have learnt to go in by themselves then they will always do it. Mr fox is the only worry as he often comes at or just before dusk so worth keep an eye open. I bang a saucepan with a wooden spoon and they come running to see what I have cooked for them. I started it with porridge or pasta and it is now really useful if I want to get them in quickly during the day as I don't like to leave them loose if I am going out.

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An absolutely fantastic day!!! :clap:

We let the girls out at about 11ish and they stayed out untill about half 3.

They were hillarious and had us all laughing our heads off. First of all there's the running flappy thing-creased us up! :lol:

Then they were wrecking my new plants but in such a funny way that you just couldn't be cross! :shock::D

I was doing some digging and Rose decided that she would help and covered everywhere with mud and even managed to bury some plants so that I couldn't even see them! :roll::D

They followed us every time we walked anywhere! :D

The funniest thing of all though was, when it rained, the kids and I took shelter in the playhouse-and so did all three hens! Will put pics in album soon. :lol::lol:

Also had a fight with Rose over a piece of plastic. :eh: She would not put it down and was trying to eat it. There I was arguing with a chicken!! :roll: This row went on for about 5 minutes and she was legging it all over the place trying to stop me stealing it, all the while making a funny little moaning sound!! Sweetcorn made her put it down in the end!


Laugh-I almost wet myself, they are brilliant!! :dance:8)

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All three of mine have their wings clipped. The Omlet man actually got me to do it while he held the hens :shock:

My 14 year old sister done one too!

I also held the hens-didn't have much choice, the man just told me what to do and I done it. :lol:

He was excellent though because having not even touched a hen for many years and definitely never having clipped a wing, he built my confidence up so much that I have no problems picking them up for a cuddle. :D

I was quite nervous before they arrived but now feel much better.

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