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How to stop Boo pecking my fingers

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This is probably an impossible question but ....


Is there anything that can be done to stop Boo pecking my fingers ?

She has a really sharp beak (that she seems to sharpen by rubbing on the patio !!)

- I don't think it malicious, she doesn't do it and run away, its sort of just being inquisative or saying 'Hello - Notice me'

- its not terrible, but would be really good if I could discourage her (Chikki is fine)

- would shouting (not too loadly so as to scare her) 'NO' make any difference

- how about a gentle clip round the ear (or would that be cruel) ?


Any ideas ?



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Hiya - I know this may sound a ridiculous answer too, but my parents have a parrot & right from being little the the breeder told them to gently blow on the parrots face when she pecks. Just a quick 'puff'' blow & needless to say she now takes grapes from my dads lips!!!!!!! A beautiful bird she has become! Worth a try! Because they can relate the 'blow' to being naughty!



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That's what I do snowy.

I let them peck at my fingers and in the end they are not interested. Two of mine are quite gentle but Ria-OMG she is quite rough. When she takes food from my hand she goes crazy and I'm sure she's trying to actually EAT my hand. LOL :lol:

Does hurt when she tries to pull my finger nails off. Gets her beak under your nail and pulls. Mmm, lovely!! :lol:

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