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The suspense is killing me...

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This waiting for next weekend to arrive before I can go get my chickens is driving me to distraction... lol Everywhere I look I keep seeing chickens.!

I noticed some today that I hadn't seen before in someones garden as I was walking the dog.

To rub salt in the wound a customer brought me some of her eggs [the hens that is] as she was going on holiday and didn't want them to go to waste. I shalll be demented by the time I go to collect them and the people at the BHWT will think I am not fit to keep chickens as I will be so excited.

I am trying to refrain from assembling the Eglu and run until nearer the time but I think I may have to have a go this weekend just to have a "chicken fix "

I even tried to count chickens in bed last night as I couldn't get to sleep.

I have been trying to think of names but everytime I think I have settled on three I then like the sound of another one..

Is this normal?? or am I succumbing to some sort of illness associated with fowl.

please God make the next 7 days go quickly and put me out of my misery.

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it's called 'chickenitis' and you are in company with fellow-sufferers on here! Go on - put the Eglu together, you know you want to. And better to familiarise yourself with the various bits now, than when you have some lively chickens in there!


don't worry, the fever will subside (slightly) when they arrive!

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Someone had their run put together and had cardboard cutout chickens whike they waited (anyone?)

Yes I can remember reading one of the posts that someone had done that.... :wink: it's starting to sound very inviting...and I suppose looking for a supplier of the cardboard chickens wil pass a little more time...

Your right ...what harm can it do....I'll give it a go..it may even prevent hives erupting from the Chickenitis! k045.gif

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Oh yes I remember that bronze! Cardboard chickens. I've got some of ubereglus recycled hens in some of my plantpots and I suppose that when I get my cube I can put them in there whilst waiting to get the 'real chickens'. Either that or the cat may think it's a nice cat kennel! :roll:


It really is catching is chickenitis. I constantly talk chickens, look for anything chickeny to buy ( bags, mugs, trays and so on) & even dream chickens!

I went the local farm shop earlier to see their chickens and buy some veg & there were 3 chickens who had escaped from the enclosure and were eating the grass and sniffing round the farm. One a bluebell, one maran and the other a beautiful vorwerk which I wanted to smuggle home!


So you are not alone with your chicken obsession!



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3 MONTHS????... Well ...and I thought I was hard done by...

Gosh I would need counselling if I were to wait that long. ...Or did you have therapy lol?




it was really hard - I ordered my eglu early because purple had just been created and I wanted one badly.


Then I had to wait until after my 2 week holiday to America to get the girls - it wasn't a pleasant wait.


Chicken bank is a good idea - sadly mine went to cardboard chicken heaven - the recycle bin :wink:

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oh yes - lets all make a chicken (cardboard, plastic, knitted, whatever) & send them to a central collection point ( nominated omleteer ) - who can then kindly distribute them to lonely soon to be chicken owners!


How caring is that?


Adopt a cardboard chuckie & all proceeds could go to BHWT ( a charity close to my heart after reading their stories & doing a project on eggs years ago)!



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