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eggs found in stange places..

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Hi All,


I was just finishing off my netting fence off this weekend in preperation for our girls arriving in Two weeks and I came across an egg in the garden...


I was digging a border to which I added a fair amount of compost to a few weeks ago. I was just going to turn it over and I came across an egg buried a couple of inches below the surface. It appears to be a chicken egg and has "contents". There is a slight crack on the egg but I have not yet opened it up.


There no Lion mark on it and its a white egg. We do have a duck living a couple of houses down but as farr as I know she has'nt visited us. It could be a him actually because we have never seen the duck, only heard the laugh !


Can anyone offer an explanation ? and should I open up the egg ?


cheers all !

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Oh my word - that's a first! Finding the egg before the chicken! :shock::lol:

No ideas from me, but it might be worth putting it into water first to check how fresh it is. If it sinks it's fresh, if it floats - open it up outside with a peg on your nose! :wink:

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Foxes quite often bury eggs so that they can come back for them when they need them.

The fact that it had no lion mark on it could mean that it's a free range egg that the fox has nicked from someone's bin!! :shock:

My next door neighbour is always finding buried eggs in her borders and has even watched a fox burying one. :D


It might not be but it's possible :D

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Well I put the egg in some water and it sank, so not rotten. I then decided to open it up and see the contents....


I placed it on a shovel and used my hoe to crack it open. To my suprise it seems eggstreamly fresh and it had a very yellow joke.


I know there are some hens about 150 yards away, so perhaps a fox pinch it from them.


I think I'm gona have to do some weeing around my garden before the girls arrive in a couple of weeks.....


Does this really work ? anyone

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