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Thanks for that link, Bron. I must put that forum on my favourites too! It is interesting what people have to say about those ingredients, although I must say I have awkward skin and the C&P does not do anything to irritate it, so those chemicals must be in small quantities, although it is useful to know they are there if I have any problems in the future. I am lucky in a way that my budget restricts me from trying everything on the market and I have to think long and hard about where I spend my money on things like toiletries, so threads like this are invaluble to me. If anyone knows of any 'greener' product than cleanse and polish that does the same thing, let me know!


And Sarah, keep those recommendations coming!

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Claire, have you tried Faith in Nature?


I've actually never heard of them Clare :oops: , but that looks like a very absorbing website! Is there anything in their range you would recommend?


I have really strange and sensitive skin though, and years ago when Lush started I won some of their fresh toiletries, and ended up with lumps and bumps all over my face and skin. I think it was the fruit (acid?)that was in them! Mind you I also came out in a nasty 'burn' effect after using something by Max Factor (had a really, REALLY red face for hours, looked like I had flash burns!).


Now I stick to a cleansing bar and water! (and a bit of C&P!)

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