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hi, we have had our girls now for a week, very comical and getting cheekier by the day. just a few questions though, they dont seem to be eating much of their pellets, we very rarely see them eaating from the feeder and usually spend the morning pecking around the run or the garden if they are let out. is this normal if they are still settling in? they should be used the pellets as they came from omlet so its not like its a change, they dont get any treats untill afternoon, but i am thinking that maybe they shouln't have any if they aren't eating their pellets and also i have just read that you should not give treats untill they start laying, is this true? any advice on this would be great :?

also, polly PP has taken a fancy to perdy PP and gerty PP bum fluff [as Angus my 4 year old calls it] she has been doing this since they arrived, is it just a settling in thing or should we try something to stop this?, perdy and gerty arent too bothered by it and dont even run away from her when she does it but they do have very cold bare bottoms!

i know i'm asking alot but being first time chook keepers we could do with some advice , thankyou.

the George's and austin the cat with a

(green eglu) home of

polly PP

perdy PP

gerty PP

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Mine had been eating layers mash when I got them so I gave them that - but they wasted so much just eating the bits they liked and throwing the rest on the ground :roll:


I changed them over gradually to pellets. Now if something better is on offer they eat that - they free range. But I have found that if I keep them in their run for the morning - they rush out and eat the pellets first - after which I let them out to free range - then they tend to go in and out snacking at random.


All chickens seem to have differrent habits , but the general rule is that are like a bit like children - if there is a chance of something else - they will eat that :roll:

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Mine didn't eat much at all for the first week. I got used to this, and then one day I went out to show them to someone, and was mortified to see that their feeder was suddenly empty :oops: It's partly settling in I think, and mainly to do with age/coming into lay. Leave them with the pellets to begin with, but give a few treats in the afternoon as its a way for them to get friendly with you. Once they are ready to lay, they will start eating lots!

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