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Tomorrow is "Chicken day"........

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:):) TOMORROW is "C DAY"... I collect my hens frome the battery welfare trust......YIPPEE.. these last few weeks have been the longest of my life waiting for my girls. I wonder which three I will get bless them.

I already have thought of names what do you all think of these please?


Tallulah....Margo..... and Angel [Angelica]

I can hear you all tittering in the background at my choice of names but this is the best I have come up with so far and I am starting to think it is too late to change. as I intend to christen each one as I put them in the pet carrier. :shock:

I'm getting quite nervous now in case I''m not a fit chicken mummy.

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Ooooo how exciting you will be fine and i am sure you will make a great chicken mummy................You know were to come if you have any questions.


I love the choice of names............... :)


Don't forget to take plenty of pics. when you pick up your chickens.

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One more night to go... Are you counting the hours? Don't worry - I am sure you'll make a great chicken mummy! How can't you be you are already in love with them and you haven't even met them yet :D


Enjoy the day, and please take loads of photos for us :pray:

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Oh me too i get my new girls tomorrow as well! :D:D


Chickenlass you will be a great chicken mum so try not to worry too much.


As for choosing your girls i was given the advice to 'go for ones with character' - you will be able to spot the right ones for you straight away! :wink:


When i got my first rescue girls i asked to pick them, whereas some people will allow the rescur people to just box some up for them.


You will have a great day tomorrow and remember to take lots of photos!!! 8)

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24 hours and counting tick tock tick tock.... :roll:

Oh me too i get my new girls tomorrow as well! :D:D

! 8)

Oh where are yours coming from?? are they battery hens too?

I'm sure I won't sleep tonight thinking about them. Have just made the Eglu up for their arrival...[straw in nesting box etc]

I will take piccies to post on here.

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