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How....do you make a website, or blog on line?

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Hi there, thicky techno phobe here, hubby and I are involved in a lot of charity stuff and last year I wrote a blog about something we did in the summer, but I had to post it onto a local Chat site for Bisley. I notice that a lot of you have your own web sites or blog sites, can anyone tell me, in idiot proof language, how you go about doing that?> Only we've got some more big stuff coming up and I would LOVE to have a website for it!!


Mrs B

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Mrs Bertie, if you are on your vox page, click on "account" (Top right of screen), then go to the grey list on the left hand side and click on "your account" you can change your location and time zone. We'd hate for you to be in Miami! :wink:


And be sure to add us all to your friends, so we can keep track on what you're up to!


I am now an official blog addict. I was so dismissive of them before, but its a great way to keep a record of what's going on in your life, and Vox is really easy!


Good luck!

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:D Thanx guys, this is what I've managed so far...




Hubby and I organise an "all profits for charity" live music event locally - last year we had 10 live bands in 10 hours and raised £5000, £4000 of which went to the Cher"Ooops, word censored!"yl Childrens Lifeline www.ccll.co.uk which has a link to my first ever blod, the other £1000 was channelled into local youth groups and bought a PA system for the Parish coucnil who give it to the schools and churches if they need it for discos, meetings, school plays etc.


So I really really wanted to have a website for this years event, cos we're getting bigger every year!


Bob Geldof, watch out, here comes Bertie..... :shock:

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