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Hi everyone...

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Hi. Im new to the forum. I have always wanted to keep chickens again as in the past i had a few in a wooden shed which became quite a pain to keep clean, and then buy chance i saw the EGLU... :shock::D I had to have one in PINK. so last december i became the proud owner of a pink eglu and three lovely chickens from a local breeder. I love the design of the eglu, so wonderful to take the whole thing apart to clean Then in april when OH asked what i would like for my birthday i said i would like a nice big walk in chicken run with a roof.......After one of these :roll: he roped my dad in to build me a lovely 10 ft square chicken house which i cant stay out of. Happy now he asked ???????? Very i said !!!!!!!! THEN I SAW THE CUBE :D ITS ARRIVING TOMORROW. I will try to post the photos on the gallery. Anyway thought i would introduce myself as i have been reading the forum daily since december "slightly obsessed" and have picked up everything i know.. Oh and i now have two more 12 weeks old chicks and three hatching eggs due on 29th may.. :roll::roll:

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