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My 2....

They pace up and down like caged lions if they see us as if their only wish is to get out of the run.

I let them out when I get back from work.

They run around for a bit, eat a few grubs and worms like they are supposed to and then, after 20/30 minutes its like they've had enough and are looking to get the treat in the red bowl that I always lure them back into the run with.

We put a frame with netting across the gap in the wall separating the garden and the patio. One jumps up on the frame. I say 'NO', she crouches down as she knows that I'm going to pick her up and put her back down on the garden side. then the other one does the same thing until I get fed up and get red treat bowl.


Then they flop down and have a rest. Is it normal to be so tired after such a sort time (maybe it is ? - they are still young 24 weeks or so ??)



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they were getting up at 4am and going to bed at 9pm - that's a long day for anyone :wink:


Thats true.


Yesterday, I picked Chikki up, she settled in my arms and dozed as I walked around the garden making reassuring noises - I think she really liked it.


Am going to try same with Boo (the mader one!) when she appears a bit tired.



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