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Am I over feeding?

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My 3 rescue girls are settling in really well , my main concern as a new chicken keeper is "could I be over feeding them? "


They seem to be really pigging out on the layers mash which I just make available alll day for them [apart from when they take themselves off to bed on an evening] :

They are laying well and their combs are already starting to darken to a nice pink .


I am trying to make them freindly by giving them a few treats now and again [currants and dandelion leaves seem to go down well at present. ] But would I be better measuring out the mash and if so how much would you reccomend I put out for 3 chickens.


many thanks for the help. :roll:

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My ex-bats that I collected three weeks ago eat like pigs, and eat much more than my other three chooks, but when I pick the new girls up they are still so skinny compared to the others I am happy for them to have as much as they want and just refill the grub as soon as it's empty.



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I agree with all of the above, & my rescue girls are scoffing for England too Chickenlass! :D


I give them layers mash mixed with grit, bran & poultry spice and they are loving it, they have 2 feeding stations and leave them to eat as much as they like all day long.

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Sorry, thought this was a post about dieting!


I'll get my coat.

ROFL well it could apply to me as well so no need to leave the room :roll:

Silly clucker I'll measure out 30ml and see what it looks like compared to how much I have been giving them :D

30 FL OZ's!!!!! don't want to starve them :wink:

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I think they just eat as much as they need. Mine scoff their treats but always stop once they've had enough. Mine love nothing better than a good ants nest, one of my hens Ruby (RIP) used to chase frogs and eat them whole ! Until I put a stop to it:shock:

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