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Kathy C

The waiting is over, Peri has laid her first egg!

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Just to let the whole world know. Peri, our "character" of a chicken has finally decided to conform and lay an egg. It was a perfect little cream colour one :dance: . She is mighty proud of herself and has received our congratulations with a wave of the beak and cluck as if to say, "well I knew I could, if I wanted to."



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My girls arrived 16th May, and I'm excited already about the prospect of first eggs. I'm like a doting granny to be, have to be restrained from knitting little egg cosies for the first 'born'. Do you all reckon its going to mid-June before it 'happens'? They are both sporting the beginnings of red crowns and cheeky bits. Ginger is a few days further advanced than Amber, and I'm sure she will be first to lay.

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