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she's just not used to it yet (the Eglu or egg-laying!) She will probably use the nesting-box in time.


I had a couple laid in the run, one I'm sure was because Hilda was laying, but rushed out of the run when i went up the garden because she thought I was bringing treats! I keep a metal crook, the sort that you use to hang garden candles off, close to hand - it's brilliant for retrieving objects (including eggs) from inside the run.

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Love the name Absinthe, like the movie too, but what does it taste like?


As you can see I prefer to name my hen after my favorite drink (when I can afford it) I am sure naming them after food is ok too :wink:


Ours girls are up before dawn. We are leaving the door open for them, with the run gate locked. They are usually back in the eglu around eight. Early to bed, early to rise.

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