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Hi is there anyone out there who already has delivery of an egcube. I have just ordered one + 6 hens. I am a first timer - 6 isn't too many is it? :?:


I hope they will be different enough for me to tell them apart after I have named them.


Will there be emoticons of the egcube later?


Maggie (excited of Sevenoaks :wink: )

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My cube came on Friday and I'm borrowing two girls from a friend who has a surplus of chooks right now. Depending on what happens with her broodies I may get to keep them or they may have to go back. I have another two ladies on order from the Meadowsweet agent.


I'm starting with four ladies. I'm a first time owner but my Grandparents kept hens n a commercial basis.


Helen P

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I've had a Cube for ten days and I love it. The Eglu is good (and I am holding on mine), but the Cube is even better. It is especially good to have the henhouse off the ground.


Six hens isn't too many at all, but I would recommend that you get them all at once if you can. I have bought two pairs of pullets just ten days apart, and already the first pair are proprietorial and attacking the second pair. I thought they would all be happy babies together. (They will be all right in a day or two: but I think someone new to chicken-keeping would find the situation alarming.)


Don't be surprised that the pullets won't have a clue about going to bed on the first night: you will probably have to crawl into the run in old clothes and put them in, but you only have to do this once. They will never have seen anything like the Cube before, and will be a little wary of it until they have spent a night in it. After that, they will climb the ladder by themselves.


Those of you who have come new to chicken-keeping and found the Cube on the Omlet website may not realize just how cutting-edge it is: the first one was set up in a garden only eleven days ago.

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Hi Maggie, welcome to the forum. I saw the cube at the Hampshire Country show yesterday and would love to have one, and of course a few more hens! I am so :mrgreen:


I am sure you will be able to tell them apart quickly, and as long as you are holding grapes they will forgive you calling the wrong name :wink:

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Hi Maggie.


You lucky, lucky thing getting a cube. I'm so jealous. Fill it to the max with chickens. 6 is great. More is better. I got 4 to fill up my eglu and now after only 5 weeks, if money were no object, I would happily buy a 2nd eglu or a cube.


I need more chickens........and you will too once they arrive.


They have distinct personalities from day 1 (even if you get all the same type).

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Having posted my question I couldn't find my way back to the forum to find out if anyone had replied until today!!


many thanks for all your good wishes - there is a waiting list for the egg Cube of about 8 - 9 weeks so I shan't be getting mine until 25th July .


I am getting five hens Bovan Goldline, Amber Star, Bovan Nera, Speckled Star and Bluebelle. BUT I also like the Sussex Star, Partridge Amber, and Daisy Belle.!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm soooo excited



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Hi Maggie


My cube is due on Monday 23rd - just a couple of days before you. I just can't wait, and I've had an Eglu for 3 years - so you must be really excited!


I'm planning on putting 7 or 8 into my Cube. I only have one hen left in my Eglu at the moment, so there's going to be some tricky introductions when the new girls arrive.


I'm not sure how the sleeping arrangements will work - whether Georgie will stay in her Eglu or whether she will fancy the new home. One thing I'm sure of, Georgie is such a bad tempered girl that I can't see anybody new wanting to share her Eglu. Doris was much much more even tempered, and a lovely hen, but unfortunately she's gone to the great big cube in the sky.

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